Monday, March 1, 2010

Welcome to March.

Well, it's official. Welcome to March, the start of a new month. I don't know what is going on, but it seems as though time is going by so fast these days. I'm so thankful that things are not dragging behind, and that I feel like I'm getting something accomplished everyday, or every few days. :)
We are definitely hoping to be done with arrangements by the end of this week & hopefully back in the studio this month sometime to finish recording the EP. Either way - it's progress... whether we just get the arrangements finished, or we do actually make it to the studio.

I am counting the days until my parents move to Atlanta! I believe it's at 107 today. My dad is retiring from the Air Force & they've decided to move here to help support me in my endeavor of making my dreams come true. Definitely something that wouldn't have been possible without their help, love, encouragement & support. I for one can't wait to have them all here for different reasons, not just because they're family & they mean everything to me, but because my mom is one of my best friends, and & cherish the relationships I have with each member of my family. I can't wait to spend time with my little brother more often too.

Right now I'm working on a behind the scenes video of Jenn, Belle, Myself, and my mom on the computer working on arrangements. It's quite entertaining because we are super silly. It's also going to have a short part from me personally talking to you & I'll also be singing in some parts. I don't know when I'll be done with it - but hopefully I'll have it posted by this weekend.

I've got some work to do for my manager, Jenn, so I'm going to go for now.

l8r, g8r.


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